IronFX Bitcoin Trading | IronFX to release more interesting trading features on short term!

IronFX Bitcoin Trading

Just like many other brokers, IronFX Bitcoin Broker has not been looking from the sidelines when it comes to developing cryptotrading solutions for its traders. Besides already offering a bitcoin trading solution, it is expected that the Cypriote broker will soon release a whole package of altcoins and additionally will also introduce "mini bitcoin".

ironfx Bitcoin , Mini bitcoin

Mini bitcoin (a 100th part of a regular Bitcoin) will allow traders to trade smaller amounts of bitcoin and thus, make the already expensive cryptocurrency approachable as an investment tool for thousands of other traders which are looking to start with initially lower investment amounts.

ironfx bitcoin trading

To Bitcoinbrokerreview it is clear that this will break open a whole new world of opportunities and we find this solutions exceptionally clever. We tried the IronFX mini bitcoin feature in its BETA phase and found it a true pleasure which is absolutely recommendable for the average trader who is looking to grasp a bit of the crypto action.

As said previously, soon also additional altcoin versions will be released by IronFX and we look forward to see this happening. Whether some of those altcoins will have the mini feature as well is yet unknown but we certainly would like to see that happen as it will complete a whole line of new trading possibilities for regular people which are just like us, completely into enjoying the action of all cryptocurrencies.

Lastly, IronFX developed another additional product called the Absolute Zero STP.

It is raw spread (EURUSD 1.18 pips!) and has NO COMMISSION so it is the very best and lowest product in the retail FX market according to IronFX.

After reviewing and comparing the trading conditions of a number of other brokers it did not take long to figure out that that Absolute Zero STP offers tremendous savings per lot which in certain cases save up to a staggering $12 (!)