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Lucrum Pro Review


Lucrum Pro is a Financial services company providing a wide variety of trading services to customers.

Lucrum pro review
Lucrum pro review

Lucrum pro Platforms

The company’s founders, investors themselves, understand exactly what clients are looking for in conditions of resources, features, and equipment, and they have got crafted a trading platform for traders. The dynamic Lucrum Pro trading platform  utilizes the most recent technologies, ensuring that it is the best in the business.

This future-oriented financial solutions enterprise works together with top-tier developers in finance to create a user-friendly and intuitive trading platform. Customers are rewarded with future-focused technological solutions, high value, and expert-quality trading equipment. A wide variety of educational equipment and resources is available, featuring 24/7 customer care and service for real cash trading and demo account trading. Lucrum Pro items include forex, indices, stocks and shares, and commodities and cryptocurrencies.


Lucrum Pro Review & history

The name ‘Lucrum’ comes from the Latin phrase of income, the Lucrum Pro . Security reaches the forefront of the forex brokerage, and this is evident with the protection features set up across the board.

The liquidity providers consist of Barclays, HSBC, Citibank, Raiffeisen Lender, and Volksbank. Lucrum Pro was made by a team of trading experts and economic gurus. These team members include senior traders, market strategists, and leading investors.

The business works hard to ensure the safety, security, and integrity of client funds at all times. To do this end, it uses enhanced account security and SSL (secure socket layer) protections.

All investors have personal account managers, unlimited demo accounts, and access to top-tier cellular trading amps. Generous leverage of just one 1:200 is available, with a wide variety of tools and resources such as webinars and video lessons.

Traders can enjoy real-time news, updated prices, and in-depth evaluation of forex and various other financial instruments.


The advantages of trading with unregulated agents

Best offshore forex agents are not necessarily malicious and fraudulent, and this is an important component to consider. Due to various reasons, these businesses can operate without a seal of approval from a reputable regulatory body, and this fact can even result in some advantages to “ordinary” traders.

For instance, the best offshore forex brokers for all of us citizens might not contain the license issued by CFTC, but still offer a spectrum of benefits actually the professional investors won’t be able to say no to. Unregulated agents have lower operating charges for their enterprise, and, consequently, they can invest more money into no deposit campaigns, deposit bonuses, indicators, webinars, analyses, and various other goodies.

Simply saying, they are transferring all of the costs saved to the clients in order to benefit the latter. Not all investors are thinking about these “generous gifts,” however the greater part of traders are attracted to websites that promise large bonuses and free stuff. Our basic human instincts are most likely at the bottom of the behaviour, but either way – lucrative bonuses can be a good thing, theoretically.

Another significant advantage of trading with unregulated Forex brokerages is the fact these companies won’t impose any regional restrictions on you, and this will permit you to join the trading terminal from any country in the globe. This element can be of particular importance to American investors,

Legalities and even political situations are less essential when you decide to trade with an unregulated broker, and that is why these companies will come in handy when you wish to invest your cash in the foreign exchange market.

Why ought to be an options

was set up to provide Forex currency trading solutions to individuals desperate to expand their investment portfolios – from veteran investors to beginners.

They strive to provide the best trading environment out there – state-of-the-art trading solutions in commodities, competitive trading conditions, currencies, excellent customer care and indices.

Their platforms and solutions combine sophistication with simpleness and efficiency with security.

Reap the benefits of Full STP Technology – WITHOUT Conflict of Interests

At, we ensure trading on the Forex market without seller intervention or restrictions:

  • We certainly are a broker with no dealing desk
  • We are not a market maker
  • FullStraight-through Processing (STP) technology means the forex trading procedure and payment transactions can be done electronically and anonymously
  • Our STP brokers offer clients direct access to the interbank liquidity and route their orders to the largest liquidity providers

Straight-through processing can be an automated procedure done purely through digital transfers with no manual intervention involved. Its well-known uses are in payment processing as well as the processing of securities trades.

  • Straight-through processing can be an automated procedure done purely through digital transfers with no manual intervention involved.
  • Generally, straight-through processing can be most well-known in the areas of obligations and securities trading, though it can be implemented in a number of technical scenarios.
  • Computer systems, mainframes, digital exchanges, and the web are all enhancing the possibilities for STP processing.

Generally, straight-through processing can be most well-known in the areas of obligations and securities trading. Nevertheless, in general, it really is a methodology that may be implemented in a number of technical scenarios. In all areas of STP, the technology for STP is constantly evolving. In obligations, cryptocurrencies and fintech companies have introduced much faster types of straight-through processing, especially as alternatives to banks.

Most importantly, STP execution means they generate from commissions and not from your losses. We are completely behind you; we wish you to win because this means you will trade even more, and we’ll gain even more on commissions.

Maximize Opportunities by Trading Continuously in Real-Time.

    • Access the most recent information in the world of Forex
    • Trade with updated information and technology – daily trading evaluation and charts, live market feeds and video and market reviews
    • Trade continually 24/7 and benefit from new developments in the world of forex
    • Trade from anywhere around the world, 24/7 through a smartphone App or web browser

The Easy Method to Trade

The software program is created for any level of experience – enabling you to begin building your new investment portfolio in minimum time.

Trading You Can Trust

Their SSL Secure Program with 128-bit SSL encryption on all online trade ensures your details is safe and sound at all times.

Full Customer Support provides customer care via email or phone in several languages, 24 /7.

We assign an individual Account Manager to new traders who will provide full support until they feel confident to trade.

3 easy steps to get started:

  1. Open up and fund your account
  2. Make use of our free equipment and research
  3. Invest with our website

Lucrum Pro Accounts Types

Multiple account types are available including true accounts and demo accounts.

that as well as the Islamic account that they provide for those traders that

The following account types at Lucrum Pro could be accessed:

Mini $250 – including an exercise course, leverage of just one 1:200, a minimum order size of 0.01, daily market evaluation, 24/7 support, and a dedicated account manager.

The standard account has a minimum trading account requirement of $999 – $2499.

Gold $5000 – including an exercise training course, webinars and video lessons, market news, leverage of just one 1:400, a minimum order size of 0.01, weekly market evaluation, daily market evaluation, and dedicated account managers. The gold account has minimum trading stability of $2,500-$9,999.

VIP $20, webinars and video lessons, market news, leverage of just one 1:200, a minimum order size of 0.01, weekly market evaluation, daily market evaluation, 24/7 support, and a dedicated account manager. The VIP or Platinum account has a minimum balance of $9,999 + for premium access to benefits.

It’s also well worth pointing out that the fixed spreads change from one account type to another. And commodities like gold, crude essential oil, and silver are associated with lower spreads as investors move from a silver account to a gold account, to a Platinum account.

For example, EUR/USD has a 3 fixed spread on a silver account, a 2 fixed spread on a gold account, and a 1.5 fixed spread on a platinum account.

Lucrum Pro Trading Platform software

Lucrum pro Platforms

Lucrum pro offers customers access to a demo trading account and a genuine money trading account. The next trading platforms are available: WebTerminal, MetaTrader4, and Cell Trading.

Lucrum Pro WebTerminal – WebTerminal operates the Lucrum Pro trading software program, and allows forex investors to easily buy and sell FX pairs, and commodities in one central area. This browser-based platform allows for quick and easy account management direct off the internet browser and is most effective to Windows, Android devices, Mac and iOS.

Lucrum Pro Desktop Investor – is the premier Forex trading platform. It has gained a reputation as the utmost user-friendly, dynamic, and powerful FX platform. this platform provides ease of use, fast executions of trades, and live feeds for investors.

Professionalism, simplicity, and quickness are hallmarks of the Lucrum Pro platform. Among others, traders can expect the highest levels of security and safety with 128-bit encoding, multilingual support, a powerful range of tools for tech evaluation, charting and grafts, full-price background, and multiple trading instruments such as Forex, futures, and CFDs.

Lucrum Pro Mobile Trading – Mobile/ Tablet trading offers all the convenience of on-the-go trading to customers on iOS and Android tablets and phablets. Key features of mobile trading include a user-friendly interface, full compatibility with all devices, intuitive, powerful, and user-friendly features. in fact it is easily available on a demo account as well.

Lucrum Pro Deposit choices

Getting started with a genuine money account is quickly done. Lucrum pro account registration could be completed within a minute. Traders are required to enter important info like first name, last name, address, a password, phone, currency and email. Account funding choices are protected by SSL encryption and cover the following credit cards and alternative payment strategies: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, UnionPay, the minimum amount account deposit in USD can be $250. Bitcoins are also accepted for deposit purposes.


Lucrum Pro Range of Markets

The marketplaces are listed under the products category. Items include forex, commodities, stocks and shares, and indices.

Forex pairs: there are 52+ forex pairs available with fixed spreads and variable spreads. Traders can enjoy the leverage of just one 1:200 on forex. Popular pairs like USD/GBP, GBP/JPY, GBP/EUR, and EUR/USD are available.

Commodities: there are many commodities including silver, gold, and crude essential oil. There are fixed and variable spreads on commodities and these economic instruments can also be traded in a demo mode.

Shares: Stocks are available with leverage of just one 1:100, and the largest global companies are listed. Traders can enjoy demo account trading on stocks and shares or real cash trading.

Indices: different indices are currently available at Lucrum Pro. Ratings of global indices have been listed with fixed spreads and variable spreads.

In total, there are several 150+ markets available to investors at Lucrum Pro, with a lot more assets regularly being added.

Bonuses offered by Lucrum Pro

Our research signifies that Lucrum Pro-trade offers a welcome bonus of up to 100% for clients. It is well worth pointing out that bonus funds profits could be withdrawn, however, not the bonus amount itself.

Lucrum Pro Customer Support

Customer support representatives are available 24 hours per day. The client care team could be contacted via the online form by simply entering your name, email, phone number, and reason for the query. namely: supporting records, trading accounts, deposits/withdrawals, and trading platforms.


Safety of money and trading activity can be assured by way of 128-bit encryption and secure socket layer protection. And segregated accounts ensure that client money is always safe, regardless of what happens with the business. Since this company is situated in Estonia, it really is tough to validate any regulation.

Ease of Use

Lucrum Pro can be easy-to-use, with all the current major classes displayed in plain view. Forex investors can open demo quickly, or real cash accounts quickly and accounts. 5 major classes are listed, including accounts, products, trading platform, equipment and resources, and firm. These drop-down menus make it easy to find what you’re searching for on-site.

Final Thoughts

Lucrum Pro offers a trading platform for Windows, Mac pc, iOS devices and Android. It is intended for Forex currency trading, and commodities trading, with several other asset categories as well.

A wide variety of educational equipment and resources are available, including a glossary, market news, charts, and financial calendar, instant market prices and graphs.

Trading with unregulated Forex agents can pose a particular risk, but this does not have to be a rule written in rock, and some of these companies can deliver highly professional services and reliable trading items. Lucrum Pro is one of them.

it is imperative for you to perform a small amount of research on regulated vs unregulated Forex agents before you get into the Forex currency trading world, and this will enable you to make informed decisions. Signing up with the right company could make all the difference, and this step is essential in your Forex currency trading career

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